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Title: Spring
Subject: Floral Abstract Acrylic Painting

Year: 2024

Style: Contemporary, Abstract

Medium: Acrylic

Material: Canvas

Dimentions: 70 x 100 cm

"Spring" may depict a simple vase of flowers, but its vibrant colors and dynamic composition evoke the essence of the season. Painted in an abstract style, this artwork stands out for its uniqueness. The carefully selected colors imbue the painting with feelings of joy, energy, and happiness, capturing the lively spirit of spring. The movement within the painting adds to the sense of fun and excitement, making it a delightful piece that truly embodies the essence of the season.This artwork is a fusion of abstract contemporary art styles. I particularly enjoy working with acrylics for abstract pieces because of their versatility in texture, feel, and consistency.

Spring, Abstract Acrylic Painting

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