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Title: Exotic dream: bird of paradise

Year: 2021

Style: Contemporary

Medium: Oil painting

Material: canvas

Dimentions: 60 x 60 cm


"Bird of Paradise" was created using oil paints, carefully applied to capture its smoothness and vibrant hues. This artwork embodies the essence of a tropical, rare environment.


Important: Please note that this exquisite oil painting, 'Exotic Dream: Bird of Paradise,' is being offered at a 60% discounted price due to minor dust pasting along the edges of the canvas. While this imperfection may affect the appearance of the sides, the beauty and vibrancy of the artwork remain unaffected. We believe this unique piece still holds tremendous value and would make a stunning addition to any collection. Take advantage of this special offer and own a captivating work of art today.

Exotic Dream: Bird of Paradise, Oil painting

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